Ranko Janković

Software Developer

15 years of rich experience centered around Microsoft technologies


Primary skills

C# ASP.NET MVC .NET VSTO .NET MS SQL HTML CSS Bootstrap JavaScript jQuery MS Access VBA VB.NET

Familiar with

MongoDB MySql PHP AWS C++ ASP Java WPF

Personal info

Born and currently residing in Podgorica, Montenegro.
Date of birth: 24 November 1983
Natively speaks Serbian, fluent in English and German.
Driver's license categories B, B1, B+E
Not married, no children

Personal Bio

Born in Podgorica, Montenegro (then Titograd, Yugoslavia) in 1983. Lived in Germany from 1986 to 1990. Displayed an affinity towards electronics and technology since a very young age, building an FM receiver electronic circuit at the age of 10 and writing his first 3D rendering code at the age of 13. Graduated the Math department of the Podgorica Gymnasium in summer 2002, and became a Microsoft Certified Solution developer the following winter. Has been constantly employed in the software development field since the age of 19. Other interests and hobbies since childhood include music and sound engineering, nature, and space exploration.

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How do you pronounce your name?

Ranko Janković (/raːŋkɔ jaːŋkɔvɪt͡ɕ/, RUN-ko YOUNG-koh-veech) , can be spelled Ranko Jankovic using the English alphabet.

What type or form of employment are you looking for?

I am looking for a full time remote job (approx. 40 work hours per week).

Are you willing to move for the job of your dreams?

At the moment, I am only looking for remote positions.

When can you start?

Within 7-30 days upon completion of the interviewing and negotiation process, depending on circumstances.

I like this resume format! What template did you use, and can you help me make one for myself?

I have modified Start Bootstrap's Freelancer template to suit my needs. Of course, contact me if you need help adapting it to your needs!